Are you ready to increase conversions on your website or blog?

     I bet you are. Do you have a blog that is just gathering dust and sitting on the last page of Google, lost and forgotten?

     Do you have too much work on your hands, and little time to write? Google loves updated websites and so will your readers as well.

     Regularly updated content can also help increase your readership that can lead to more sales and a better SEO ranking. You probably already know all of this and the risks of not regularly updating.

     I am Kimmy and I am here to help you not fall victim to old and outdated content.

     Nice to meet you! Well, we haven’t met yet but I hope we can soon! I am a SAHM and a freelance writer who specializes in topics on beginners women’s fitness and weight training.

     There is a full list of topics I cover on my About Me page. I can create informative, long form content that is well researched and will have your readers sharing and coming back more often.

Here are some of the services I offer:

     Blog posts / Article writing

  • I will write detailed, but easy to understand posts that will be customized to your reader’s needs. If you want, I can also post right on your blog for you.

If you want increased readership, better SEO rankings, more sales and views, don’t hesitate to contact me today!