Why Going Outside Is Beneficial To Mental Heath

So as it goes with working at home and being a non-driver, I don’t get out much. The times I do get to get some fresh air seems to instantly lift my mood. It is true that going outside is beneficial to mental health and can alleviate some depression symptoms. Getting some sun can also help you sleep better! We could all use some better sleep, yes? Here are some reasons to step outside:

You can lose more weight:

Not sitting at the desk all day and moving more means you are burning more calories than you would be staying stationary. Going outside daily can also increase brain function and creativity. One more reason to send the youngins outside! Being in nature can have a calming effect that relaxes the mind. It is still unclear why that happens, but I do understand because I feel the sudden calming myself when I step out to check the mail. Going outside seems to instantly calm babies as well.

When my then newborn seemed inconsolable, stepping out the door instantly did the trick! I hear the same from other moms as well. The sun can also help with vitamin D deficiency, which is important to babies who are exclusively breast fed because there is not enough of the vitamin in breast milk.

Vitamin D can also prevent osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and some autoimmune disorders. Statistics suggest that there are up to 50% otherwise healthy children and adults have a vitamin D deficiency. That is no wonder with the increase in technology, and the removal of recess in some places.

Better sleep was mentioned above. Natural light can help set the body’s clock for an earlier, more restful sleep. After coming in from somewhere, I get this burst of energy and it feels like I can clean all the things! Yep, that is another affect of being outdoors, increased energy, no coffee needed!