An Easier Way to Make Baby Food ( 7 Months)

I have found an easy way to make baby food for my now 7 month old (They grow so fast!) He was EBF until 6 months. I wanted to make his food instead of buying off the shelf because the added sugars were a worry to me. Not only did I want it to taste good to him, I wanted it to be nutritious as well.

So I began researching and it all seems so overwhelming to me! So many methods, so many recipes! I did come across something simple I call the Ice Tray Method. It is also a good method for storing and organizing food as well. Here is what I do:

For Vegetables

  • I take vegetables and I boil them for up to 30 minutes.
  • Then I put the veggies in the blender with some of its water for added nutrients.
  • I blend the veggies just using a cheap blender nothing fancy. Then I pour the mix into ice trays to put in the freezer for a few hours.
  • I pop the cubes out then divide them up into smaller Zip Lock bags and date them on the same day I prepared them. They should last for about three months, but I would like to use them all within 1 month.

For Fruits

  • I will just cut those up and place in the blender with some water on top.
  • Then I would go on to pour the mix into the ice trays.
  • Then I will freeze , pop them out, divide and date them.

Some Tips To remember

The time in the freezer should not extend beyond three months.
Do not refreeze what has been used.
You can also add breast milk to the mix. * Do not refreeze breast milk either.

I’ve tried this with blackberries and carrots and I like it and I think he likes it too. I also like that it doesn’t take very long to prepare, and is easy to organize.