My Freelance Writing Experiences

I had chosen to be a writer because I love to express myself ( I know it sounds cheesy!) and share my views and stories that I may have. I have so many thoughts that I think could turn into a good article or story that I feel the need to write them down. I even carry a notebook with me! (of course, you can’t take down everything} Also I needed something I could do at home or while traveling so I can still be with my son and support my family as well.

It gets pretty lonely being a SAHM so I also like to take writing as an opportunity to communicate with others as well.
I first started a few years ago on I had only gotten one gig, and I left it alone for awhile. Even before the Fiverr gig I thought I was destined to become a manga artist (Here is where we throw our heads back and laugh!) I had even created characters and such, it was quite fun actually, but MS-Paint characters slapped up on Deviantart won’t pay the bills.

Then I had started to take it more seriously after landing a short gig on a forum. Then I joined Textbroker and wondered how much I could make there. After writing one article and never getting paid for it because I didn’t meet the minimum to withdraw, I decided mills weren’t worth it and there must be another way. After that gig from the forum ended, I had used to land even more gigs that I worked on while relaxing at a water park earlier this summer. One difficulty right now is getting the gigs to keep on coming. Which I plan to tackle with a lot of cold emailing.

Before I jumped in I did a lot of reading. After my other failed “business” ventures, I wanted to make sure I could get this one right. I had a bad habit of jumping the gun in the past, in business and in other areas of life. So, of course, I wanted to take my sweet time to get this one right. Yes, this one was finally going to be the business for me. I was still paralyzed with fear though.

I’m sure most new freelancers start that way. Wondering should they take the “safe route” of going to school. No I am not knocking on school because I still think about going to school and would love to actually. It could be a good backup plan. Now back to the fear part. Yes, I understand I will still make mistakes and it is a learning curve but eventually I will need to quit reading and just dive into it. I hope to keep sharing what I learn here.